The ethos behind Hudds is simple:
Supporting the development of your brand by creating consistent visual identities. To me, design isn’t just about form, it’s also about ensuring your visual elements are in line with your branding needs.
I kick-off and maintain branding efforts
I create, adapt or maintain current visuals
I'm here for extra support to carry on design projects

Bruneian based in Sweden, I’m a self-taught graphic designer and illustrator. Often inspired by the simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian design, I infuse my admiration into the designs and illustrations I had worked on.

In the 12 years I’ve worked as a designer, I have held positions as an in-house designer and branding manager for multiple companies.

I also have experience working in countries such as Brunei, Malaysia, Hong Kong and have served clients in the USA and UK remotely.

Fun fact

Hudds is named after a little town called Huddersfield where I first discovered my love for design, gravitating towards the posters stuck outside of club walls, marveling at their thick illustration lines, big bold fonts, and clean layouts.