The factors includes time spent, budget, complexity, resources, project urgency — among others — as stated below:

Standard hourly rate will be the starting point when quoting a job. An explanation about the project will help to estimate the completion time.
I have worked on projects that had limited budget. On cases like this, it’s best to not let money get in the way of good work — so it’s always worth a conversation.

The Client will have the choice to choose the Final Design rights of the project. In the event when Client prefers a premium ownership, 30% will be added to the full fee.

Premium ownership will allow the Client to perpetual and worldwide right and license to use, reproduce, adapt, modify and display the Final Design.

Some project requires resources such as copywriting and photographs. In the event that the Client has no available acceptable resources, additional costs to obtain such service will be added.
Additions, alterations, changes in content, layout or process changes requested will alter the overall time and cost of the project. Client shall pay additional charges for changes requested on a time basis at the standard hourly rate.
Depending on current project schedule, an increase of 25% of quoted hourly-rate or per-project will be charged.
In the event when it is required to travel to other places, travelling expenses which includes transportation, accommodation will be paid by the Client.